As a young child, I developed a passion for art. I was born and raised in Manitoba; in 1974 I moved to Saskatchewan with my husband to start a family. I have always had a love for creating art although I focused upon my family and career not giving much thought towards the arts.

It all started in 1996 when I took a beginner watercolor class. My passion to create art was reignited. I took many other art classes thereafter including watercolor and basic drawing with two local Saskatoon international artists and a watercolor class at the University of Saskatchewan.

Art is a way for my soul to speak, my way 'out; as well as my hobby. I began entering my pieces in the Fine Arts Competition in the Saskatchewan exhibition and have won numerous times throughout the years. It always excites me to see how the pieces have been critiqued as to how I was advancing artistically.

Today I am doing more pencil/charcoal and some watercolor in my spare time. The last couple of years of pencil work I have been concentrating on the three older bridges of Saskatoon. It is an expression of myself and what I love best to do in my spare time. And so began JBush Designs to share my artistic passion with others.