My favorite pencils

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The two favorite pencils that I consistently use to start my drawings are the Mechanical Bic pencil (#2 -0.5) and the ordinary HB pencil. I have tried other pencils but those make the right markings whether they are light or dark in the beginnings of the picture. If you are just starting you don’t necessarily require expensive pencils to begin with.

The Derwent-Graphic pencil set is one that I use throughout the rest of the picture that I am drawing and will talk about them in a later blog.

Smokey Haze

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The smokey haze over Saskatoon is ire at times and my heart goes out to those young and old with lung problems. The watercolors I have been doing are of clear skies, forests that are thick and beautiful, and dreamy soft sunsets. Expect some new pieces soon to the gallery. Hope the smoke clears soon.

Summer Heat in Saskatoon

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The sun, blue skies, Saskatchewan sunsets, summer breeze, smells, soil,trees, birds singing, real lemonade, and especially the rain when we get it is justĀ  the best feelings of all for me. Watercolors are fun with this summer feeling so much that whenever I get the chance after work I am painting. Soon I will be sharing some of the new pieces.


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This weather feels inspirational to the body, mind and spirit and I am using this to my advantage in more ways than just art.

Have a great week.

January Freeze

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Here it is just about the middle of January and it is supposed to warm up this week Ya. Out of the freeze for a bit. I have been down with the flu and then Bronchitis for 2 weeks so not much happening in the Art part of my life. Two pieces that I did in late December one of a tree and the other an X were given away.

Christmas is nearing

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Christmas is nearing and soon it will be upon us all. The family getting together, friends, and animals alike all joining together for the occasion. The food, gifts, but especially the time spent with family are what really matters.

I have been busy as well and soon there will be more exciting pictures of both watercolor and pencil artwork originals coming soon.

Goldfish Art

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As October is nearing it’s time to bring in the goldfish from our ponds. This is a picture I drew recently of a goldfish blowing heart bubbles.

September Roses and Watercolor Art

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I love September as my Roses are having a second bloom and they are so vibrant that you must see and appreciate them as I do. The first picture is from my garden and the second picture is a watercolor painting of some roses from a previous picture I had taken.